Data Safety in Cloud VPS Email Server?

neildaemond asked:

Is it safe to store email on a cloud based VPS host?

I know its not 100% like the unplugged server buried underground and that the Host has a big deal to do with it but, in the broader sense of avoiding snooping and data mining, how do people protect their data? I’m sure not everyone uses dedicated servers~

Is it even common to run email servers on a VPS? I DO want to be able to tell my clients that their data is relatively secure (assuming I take the proper precautions)~

I’m currently setting up email on one of these:

with Ubuntu Server installed.

I’m thinking of encrypting the home folder of the email service user but, I’m wondering if accessing the encrypted data will make an imap/smtp email server slow~

My answer:

For running my own personal vanity email domain, I find a VPS to be acceptable. Of course I am also sweeping every bit of mail off the server onto my home computer every minute via POP3.

If I were going to host other people’s email, I would do so on my own physical server colocated in a data center with reasonable physical security measures in place, in addition to securing the server OS and system services.

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