How visible is my /var/www to the outside world?

Chad Harrison asked:

I suppose this is more of a house keeping question, but here it goes.

If I create a backup file of my index.html called index.html.bak, is it possible that someone from the outside using http on my apache2 server is able to list the contents of my /var/www directory? I currently know no method of doing this, but this could be due to my lack of experience in this area. Should I store files that need not to be in view somewhere else?

Currently, the only feasible way I can think that someone might discover the file is if there was an explicit link somewhere pointing to the file. How visible is my web directory?

My answer:

If you specify Options -Indexes for the Directory in question, then Apache will not generate a directory listing. However, if someone guesses the filename they could still access it if the operating system allows the web server to access the file.

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