Retrieve data from the failed Windows Server on Rackspace Cloud Server

Elvin R. asked:

One of our Windows Server 2008 servers which was hosted as a Cloud Server on Rackspace has recently failed. We are not getting much help from the Rackspace support, all they keep saying is that hardware on the physical server has failed and data on the VM server corrupted.

Did anyone had such an experience in dealing with Rackspace?

What are our options to retrieve the data from the corrupted VM?

I know they running VMs on Xen platform and if I had that VM locally most likely I could retrieve the data even if Windows is corrupted.

This server was running our main website and DB, any help would be greatly appreciated!

My answer:

Rackspace should be able to create an emergency dump of your disk image, which you can then access from your Cloud Control Panel and download to your local machine to attempt to recover data from. Someone recently asked how to do this for a Rackspace Cloud Linux image, and the answer may be helpful to you.

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