How to authorize my SMTP ip

guilin 桂林 asked:

when I send mail to gmail through SMTP I got a erro

550 5.7.1

follow the link it said

‘The IP you’re using to send email is
not authorized…’

In order to prevent spam, Gmail
refuses mail when the sending IP
address does not match the sending
domain. To send mail from your server
to Gmail, we suggest using the SMTP
relay provided by your ISP. Please
note that we are unable to whitelist
IP addresses or otherwise make
exceptions at this time.

It seams that, gmail will test my ip with MX record, (for this test, I send from localhost), but if has 3 MX record, will google test each MX to match my ip, or is there any
way to bind a domain to a ip, not bind an ip to a domain.


After google, I think the most import thing is set DNS PTR.

My answer:

This happens when your IP address is listed in the Spamhaus PBL. This DNSBL contains a list of known dialup/dynamic IP address ranges which should not ordinarily be sending mail via SMTP.

To fix the problem, change your mail client’s outgoing mail server settings to connect to port 587 instead of port 25.

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