Gmail DNS Settings – Do I need CNAME and an A Record?

kevi kevi asked:

I’m just a little confused… I’m using Gmail for my mail service, and have followed their instructions. I wanted to allow users to access their email via, but just hoping to get a little clarification.

Do I need both the CNAME and A records, or just the CNAME?

I deleted the A record for and added a CNAME recored which points to But, now I’m wondering if I should have kept that in there?

My answer:

No, you were correct to remove the old A record and replace it with the CNAME for If a particular entry (e.g. has a CNAME record, it should not have either A or AAAA records as these will be disregarded.

Google does not provide individual IP addresses for each customer to use. Setting the CNAME to causes requests to go to a specialized server at that address that looks up your domain and redirects web users to Gmail for your domain.

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