What tape backup device can read a DC 2120 XL cartridge?

adamrmcd asked:

While preparing to move to a new house, I came across two forgotten tape backup mini cartridges from 1996. I know they hold the only backup I made of my original Remote Access BBS, with all my original Star Trek themed ANSI art, DOS/OS2 shareware, and 1000+ users.

I’d love to be able to resurrect this time-capsule, but what hardware device can actually read this?

I think I originally used a 50pin Wide-SCSI external backup, narrower & longer than an external CD-Rom drive (caddy-style). Backup restoration software I’m not worried about as I’m certain I can find something on Linux to suffice, I just need to find the hardware 😉

Here is the mystery cartridge in question:

DC 2120 XL Minicartridge

The cartridge size is:

  • 3 3/16″(w) x 2 3/8″(h) x 5/8″(d), or
  • 8cm(w) x 6cm(h) x 1.5cm(d)


My answer:

That looks like a 1/4″ QIC minicartridge. This particular form factor was apparently common in desktop computers.

Look for a QIC tape reader which was pulled out of somebody’s desktop machine, and you may get lucky. I see several of them on eBay under $20.

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