Proxmox – Live migration between different subnets

Kantan asked:

I have a proxmox cluster, that is distributed over two different subnets having two different gateways. In the first subnet VMs get an publicly available static IP address by MAC address mapping. vmbr0 is configured in this first subnet as bridge.
KVM is used for virtualization.

Is it possible to keep the IP address for VMs after a live migration to the second subnet? What would be a working configuration for vmbr0 in the second subnet? VLAN, VPN, and IP tunnel are concepts I’ve thought about, but got no working solution.

Here is a similar case: KVM "live migration finished" detection
But I do not want a new IP address. The VM should keep the IP address.

My answer:

To perform a live migration and keep the virtual machine’s IP address, both hosts must be on the same subnet.

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