How do i connect to a spare test PC running linux?

amstram asked:

I have been using shared hosting for a few years now and i feel the need to switch to a dedicated server because one of the websites i run needs more & more resources (and i’m interested in server side stuff and i would like to learn more)

I’m no unix wizard. I’m ok with basic unix commands (ssh, remote editing files using vi .. ) so instead of paying for a server during the first few months, I installed centos and the basic lamp stack on a spare pc to practice a little and get my hands dirty before the big switch.

My question is : How do i connect to the pc running centos from another computer, through ssh) ?
(either both computers are connected on the same network (wifi) or each computer is connected on a distinct network) ?

ps : I went with centos for no particular reason. Would you advise me to change for Ubuntu, debian or something else ?
And any ideas/advices for a server admin newbie are welcome 🙂

My answer:

It’s fine to run CentOS, as that’s most likely what your dedicated server or VPS will use anyway.

To enable ssh access from the CentOS box, ensure that either

  1. You select a server installation type during installation, or
  2. You specifically install the openssh-server package during or after installation.

In most installations, openssh-server should be installed by default.

Windows doesn’t include any ssh clients. To connect to the machine using ssh, try a program such as PuTTY.

On the Mac, you can just use ssh from Terminal, just as you would from any other Unix box.

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