Website visitors are still being redirected after "fixing" the damage from a conditional redirect website attack

Shannon asked:


A website of mine was recently the target of a conditional redirect attack.

  • PHP code was added to my pages to redirect visitors.
  • The .htaccess file was edited to redirect visitors.

I’ve re-uploaded my website so the compromised PHP and .htaccess code have both been removed.

My site is mostly handwritten php and static HTML content. I don’t use page comments or any third party libraries.


After removing the compromised php and htaccess files, visitors are still being re-directed.

  • What could be the reason that visitors are still being redirected?
  • Are there any tools to check where/how redirects are taking place so I can debug the problem?


As suggested in the comments, I cleared my Firefox cache and that fixed the problem (for me anyway). Visitors with old cache data will obviously still be re-directed.

My answer:

Try clearing your browser cache.

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