Ubuntu: irqbalance – new install – does it need a reboot?

Tom G asked:

Ubuntu 10.04 kernel 2.6.36

some of our VPS’s were crashing the last few days due to cpu load with Java (cpu_hung for 120 seconds errors on console)
installing irqbalance seems to have resolved the issue.

But, it did not require a reboot after installing.
Is this normal?
I am asking because this is something I need to install on all my servers and I need to be 100% sure irqbalance does not require a reboot.

My answer:

Typically, Ubuntu and other Debian-based distros will start a service as soon as it’s installed; Red Hat based distros do not.

In either case it’s not necessary to reboot; if the service hadn’t been started automatically as part of the installation, you could have started it yourself.

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