CNAME would only connect ipv6 connection

boyb asked:

I signed up for freenet6’s ipv6 tunnel. Everyone (even ipv4) can access my XAMPP server by using no problem. What I want to accomplish is to setup a domain instead of using the free domain provided by freenet6. So I put a CNAME record for and pointed it to, the problem here is that only ipv6 connection can browse the site if you try to access it using Am i doing something wrong here? Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated..

why can’t ipv4 connections detect the domain after the CNAME is in place? These are the domains so you can check on your own. Original domain by freenet6 = accessible via ipv4 and ipv6. my test domain (can only be accessed by ipv6) which has a CNAME record directed to


My answer:

A CNAME record won’t work in this scenario. The web server you redirect to has to be aware of the redirect and set up to support it.

Instead, set up an AAAA record with your IPv6 address.

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